Commit 85c313ef authored by Daniel Edgecumbe's avatar Daniel Edgecumbe

Fix mininginfo warnings syntax errors

parent 24f51c60
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......@@ -181,9 +181,8 @@ along with bitcoin-top. If not, see <>.
<span v-if="mininginfo">{{ mininginfo.chain }}</span>
<span v-else>...</span>
<div v-if="mininginfo.warnings" class="dashboard-block-mininginfo-warnings dashboard-item">
<span v-if="mininginfo">{{ mininginfo.warnings }}</span>
<span v-else>...</span>
<div v-if="mininginfo && mininginfo.warnings" class="dashboard-block-mininginfo-warnings dashboard-item">
{{ mininginfo.warnings }}
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